"Buku Bajet" is “Buku Tiga Lima” apps for Android. Malaysian favorites “buku hutang” and expenses.

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Url: http://bit.ly/bukubajet

Buku Bajet - Screen features
Hot Tips:
  • No limit for future months budget/expenses planning
  • Taphold for 1 second to strike/mark it as completed item

About Buku Bajet apps:

Start managing and tracking your monthly personal debt and budget expenses with relatively simple interface yet easy and practical to use. In just a few minutes, you are good to go.

Brief Malaysian Culture:
The idea of recording the debt or expenses into small pocket size of "555" note book has been around more than a decade ago.

With the idea of tracking debt and expenses, I determine to bring the same old concept into mobile apps. I hope all users getting benefit from this apps as I do.

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